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Elizabeth Speaks

Testimonials from some of the more recent venues are shared below.

Elizabeth Speaks and Colleagues Reflect their Impressions for Your Review

The session after the morning break was chaired by CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood and began with an excellent presentation on the challenges of ‘Sustainable Technologies in Modern Megalopolis’ by Elizabeth Belenchia, Vice-President of FIABCI (the International Real Estate Federation). Elizabeth’s presentation really set the scene for how major cities are expanding and what challenges urban humanity faces in the future. Antony Wood, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, Moscow, 2008

I have known Elizabeth for 8 years. Our association started with my attending her Rotary Club in East Spartenburg, SC, where she presided at that time as her Clubs’ President. My first impression of Elizabeth, at my first meeting that I attended at her Club (while in the State on business), was that she conducted her meetings with great efficiency, confidence, attention to detail, and her general deportment as President greatly impressed me.

In the time I have known Elizabeth, I have watched her become involved with the United Nations in a major International Peace Initative, have seen her advocate,work in conjunction with, and spearhead a major project with USC Spartenburg in the development of an International Peace Park, and have noted the respect that she garners from the International Rotary Community as a whole.

Elizabeth consistently exercises the highest moral integrity in her day-to-day working relationships. She is well respected and listened to in her chosen field of employment; the Development industry in South Carolina.

I believe that any Business, Organization, Professional Committee, or relationship that one finds themselves involved in with Elizabeth, would indeed be the lucky recipients of a mature, thoughtful, and experienced Organizer. Respectfully; Don Bark, Orillia, Ontario, Canadar.

I had the distinguished pleasure to organize with Elizabeth Belenchia the FIABCI International Eco-Film Festival on Real Estate and Water. The event, brought by the Legislation & Environment Committee of Fiabci, took place in Amsterdam at the historic Beurs van Berlage on May 28, 2008 as part of the program of the 59th Fiabci World Congress.

The Eco-Film Festival was an international contest open to students aspiring filmmakers to showcase their skills and imagination. The climax of the contest was a full-day program – from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM, when the films selected by the jurors were displayed.

Elizabeth Belenchia had a very important participation during that day acting as facilitator and coordinator of the several discussion groups formed to review the films displayed. Flavio Gonzaga Nunes, FIABCI World President Elect, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“I have known Elizabeth for over ten years and heard her speak on several occasions from local Rotary Clubs to presentations on Economic Development. She is one of the most intriguing speakers I have heard. Her unique experiences and worldly travels give her a wonderful perspective to any subject she speaks on. Her passion on her topics is truly felt by the audience and quite frankly refreshing in this day and time of unemotional speakers. She is masterful in her knowledge and ability to impart it. Quite the visionary, Elizabeth makes an impact wherever she goes.” Jim Cook, Economic Developer, Cherokee County, South Carolina

“Elizabeth’s enthusiasm about sustainable development is contagious, and her acute knowledge about current affairs leads to bright analysis and inspiring presentations about how businesses can contribute to a sustainable future.” Nathalie Bellanger, RICS Program Manager, London, England

“Elizabeth Belenchia has made numerous presentations to community leaders in Gaston County. She provides her audience with valuable insight for the subject matter being presented. When she presents she actually engages the audience in such a manner that the event becomes a discussion rather than a presentation. While there is much technical information being presented Elizabeth has a way of making the topic easy to understand. I look forward to my next opportunity to engage her services.”

"Elizabeth Belenchia provides insight and inspiration for those audience members who find them wanting to advance their careers. She is especially motivating for young women and men just beginning a career. I would recommend her as a motivational speaker to any group.” Steve Nye, Marketing Director, Gaston County Economic Development Commission, Gastonia, North Carolina.

"Elizabeth is a dynamic and an engaging speaker who has a comprehensive command over her subject and knows how to get the information across in a really comprehensible way. In addition to her outstanding platform skills, Elizabeth is very conscientious about providing one on one follow up support and consultation to everyone who needs personalize assistance. I highly recommend her and her work to you! Ralph Elliott, Vice Provost Emeritus, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina.

I have known Elizabeth through work for many years. She was the chairman of FIABCI International Committee during my presidential term in 2011-2012. She has also moderated two Eco Film Festivals for FIABCI in Amsterdam and St. Petersburg. For the time of our acquaintance, Elizabeth has showed herself from the best side: she is a good organizer, coordinator and speaker. Alexander Romanenko, FIABCI President 2011-12, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Back when I was a Rotary Club President, a Rotary District Conference Chairman, and an Area Governor and Lieutenant Governor in Upstate South Carolina, I have had the privilege of having Elizabeth Belenchia serve as a guest speaker. She has a remarkable sense of timing, and her willingness to research her topics to relate to the audience make her a natural choice for speaker to a broad range of audiences. Her international experiences, state and area influence and her charm become evident in the first few moments of meeting her. She is real, her humor is to the point, and her interest in peaceful compromise is one of her strongest assets. Need I say more? Charles G. Stroud, Gaffney, South Carolina.

Over the past thirty years, I have had many opportunities to observe the speaking abilities of Ms. Elizabeth Belenchia. As a member of the University of South Carolina International Advisory Board over the years, Ms. Belenchia’ s contribution to the board has been extremely valuable. She has extensive knowledge of the international pulse of the upstate of South Carolina where the largest concentration of international companies per capita in the United State is located. Her international travel experience is extensive and she relates her world discoveries to the local needs. Inspired by her travel to Japan, she has initiated the development of a Peace Park on the UCS Upstate campus. She is always interested in other world views which she shares in very clear and comprehensive ways. She has organized several international conferences. She understands the richness and challenge of world culture and possess the skills and attitude to function as a “global citizen”. Regis H. Robe, Ph.D., Director, Center of International Studies, University of South Upstate.