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Helping to identify Unique Abilities and focusing students activities in those areas allowed them to perform at their highest level.

Intern Quarters

Carroll Properties Corporation President, Elizabeth Belenchia, has a special appreciation for the contribution young people add to a business.  Since its founding CPC has welcomed 160 interns from local colleges as well as young people from around the world.  Here is a sampling of the fine young people we have been privileged to share for a summer or a semester.  We hear from some every year as they stay connected via social media.  Where possible we have added their LinkedIn data so you might know where they are today.  We are proud of the entire group.

Megan Madison
Megan Madison-LinkedIn
Marc Wegener

Marc Wegener-LinkedIn

Gina McBride

Gina McBride-LinkedIn

Michael Juan

Michael Juan-LinkedIn

Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith-LinkedIn

Tu Ho

Tu Ho-LinkedIn

Bastian Boesner

Bastian Boesner-LinkedIn

Clement Grandjean

Clément Grandjean-LinkedIn

Marc Vinesett

Marc Vinesett-LinkedIn

Phayllon Thompson

Phayllon Thompson-LinkedIn

Derek Lisle

Derek Lisle-LinkedIn

Carl Yandle
Carl Yandle-LinkedIn
Elizabeth Elliott

Elizabeth Elliott-LinkedIn

Lulwa Darwish Ali

Lulwa Darwish Ali-LinkedIn

Richelle Tolton

Richelle Tolton-LinkedIn

Alessandro Passoni

Alessandro Passoni-LinkedIn

Jeffrey Tate

Jeffrey Tate-LinkedIn

Renaud Glimois

Renaud Glimois-Facebook Icon

Sil Oudman

Sil Oudman-LinkedIn

Alex Sok

Alex Sok-LinkedIn

Andrea Paganini

Andrea Paganaini-LinkedIn

Daniel Dingana

Daniel Dingana-LinkedIn

Stephen Weeks

ABC Stephen Weeks-LinkedIn

Roxanne Bradley

Roxanne Bradley-LinkedIn

Aleksandra Andrejeva

Aleksandra Andrejeva-LinkedIn

Jasmine Said

Jasmine Said-LinkedIn

Will Grieves-LinkedIn
Madison Jones

Madison Jones-LinkedIn

Athanasios Mastrokolias-LinkedIn

Javon Faison-LinkedIN

Trystal Kirksey-LinkedIn

Daniel Dingana-LinkedIn

Ashtin Bellamy-LinkedIn

Katherine McKibben-LinkedIn

Drew Bailey-Facebook Icon

Peter van der Veen-LinkedIn

Yong Yang-

Vincent Capers-

Armecia Nash-

Andrey Sakalosh-

Khou Nyia Yang-

Cheryl Berry-

Abigail Barnes-

Dave Wilkins-

M. Troy Lucas,
Clemson University-

William Vaughn-

Alec Kongchanh-

Corbett Coats-

Jason Murray- LinkedIn

Latrece Mazyck-

Joshua Clark-

Jesse Robinson-

Carolin Gbur, Germany-

Holli Davis-

Marco Fucili-

Stephano Paganani-

Ariel Sanders-

Amanda Colwill-

Jeffery Tate-

Ashton Bellamy-

Debra Leach

Amanda Colwill-

Brooke Carter Kitchell-

Eric Kershaw-

Roxanne Edrington-

Kenny Shider-


 Sheetal Patel


Sheyee Moua

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